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Tuff Coat Polymers
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Epoxy Surfacer  

Epoxy Surfacer - Intermediate Coat Zinc Phosphate - ZNP (HB-285)

Tuff coat Polymers Introduction :

This system is based on low molecular weight epoxy resin with high solid content cured with suitable modified polyamide. This system gives excellent performance in highly chemical & most severe Corrosive environment. System is unaffected by alkalinity or sulphates in soil water & suitable for use in conjunction with cathodic protection. The high film thickness reduces the required number of coats.

The range of Application :
On structural steel, pipelines, chemical plants, Valves, waterproofing areas, coastal installations, ship bottom, etc.
Tuff coat Polymers Key Properties of System :
The ability to be cured over wide range of temperature.
Excellent properties as Intermediate coat for Epoxy & PU Systems.
High mechanical strength.
Gives excellent Dry Film Thickness in single coat application because of its higher % N.V.M..
Temperature resistance from -15°C to 150°C
Excellent insulation properties.
Unaffected by Oil, Grease aromatic & Aliphatic solvents..
Very good resistance to acid & alkalies.
Tuff coat Polymers Product Data :
Two packs cold or at low temperature curing System
1) Base
Epoxy Resin suitably pigmented with Zinc Phosphate (which enhances Anti-corrosive properties )
2) Hardener
Modified Polyamide
% NVM of system      
Minimum 80 %
Mixing Ratio
4:1 by Volume
Pot life of Mixture
3 – 4 Hours
By Brush, Roller, Air-less Spray.
Recommended DFT
110-125 Microns
Covering Capacity
5 – 6.5 Sq. Mtr. / Liter
Drying Time
Touch Dry
6-8 Hours Max
Hard dry

24 hrs-36 hrs

Full Curing
7 Days
Over Coating Interval
16 to Hours Minimum 7 Days Maximum
Off White/ Grey
10 & 20 Liters
Thinner / Cleaner
TC/EP-101 EP-102
Smooth & Egg Shell to Semi gloss
Up to 12 months in packed condition at normal room temp.
Temp. Resistance        
150o C Dry heat
Weather ability
good in most environments
Alkalis & Detergents
Unaffected (Direct immersion not recommended)
Solvent Resistance (Aliphatic-Aromatic) Withstand to splash & spillage
Resist to splash & spillage.
Resist to splash & spillage & fumes
Withstand continues immersion in mild alkalis or neutral salt solutions (direct immersion in concentrated acid salts is not recommended)
Salt Spray Test (5% NaCl)
Minimum 500 hrs.


Tuff coat Polymers Direction for Use/ Application :

Efficient degreasing must be done. If there is heavy rusting on M. S. use de-rusting chemical. No other treatment is necessary. Stir base component thoroughly before mixing. Take equal parts of Base Hardener in a container. After mixing allow it to mature for 15-20 minutes and then stir before use. It is particularly important that film thickness should not exceed more than 8 microns. So application by conventional spray is advisable. Application by brush, spray or roller is also possible. No thinner should be added while spraying.

Tuff coat Polymers Application :
Before application of H.B. 285 primer, do all necessary pretreatment of the job. For M. S. surface, remove all grease, oil and other contamination by using proper degreasing chemical. Blast clean the surface for heavy rusting or remove with de-rusting chemicals to clean the surface. The surface should be clean and dry before application.Stir base thoroughly and then mix 4 parts base and one part hardener by volume to uniform consistency.

Give 30 minutes stabilization period to the mix. And then again stir before application.For brushing if viscosity is higher than 60-80 sec then only add Epoxy thinner to get proper viscosity. It helps to get proper DFT. Use 10 to 15 % EP-102thinner for conventional spray.For galvanised iron and aluminum use TC Etch Primer before application of H.B.285 Primer.

For M.S.Surface, use Epoxy Primer/ Zinc Rich Primer before Intermediate Coat applicationMix the quantity perfect in ratio. Do not mix excess material, as the pot life of mix is 4 hours only. Do not apply when temperature falls below 12o C or relative humidity rises above 90% or during rain, fog or mist.Brushes and spray equipments should be cleaned properly after application; using EP-102 Thinner otherwise equipment is liable to be damaged.
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