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Stoving Enamels (Tuff Coat)

Tuff coat Polymers Introduction :
Stoving Enamels (Tuff Coat) is based on alkyd-amino system. It is a premium quality product designed economically to impart hard durable & excellent protection to metal surface & good aesthetics look
The range of Application :
This system is mainly used in Industries Manufacturing home appliances, Electrical Instruments, fittings Toys, Automobile spares, Steel Furniture, Machinery parts, Hair pins, sewing machines etc. mainly for indoor applications.
Tuff coat Polymers Key Properties of System :
Ability to cure at low temp.around 120o   C.
Excellent adhesion & flexibility with good hardness.
Excellent mar resistance
Unaffected by Oil & detergents
Good Water resistance
Higher Flash Point Temp. Above 32o   C
Advantage of low cost
Dipping systems is possible
Tuff coat Polymers Application :
We recommend necessary pretreatment before application of stoving enamel to achieve best results. For MS Surface degreasing / de-rusting & Phosphating process with proper Rinsing arrangement is recommended.
For the non-ferrous surfaces use suitable system and use Tuff Coat Etch Primer after degreasing.
After proper surface pretreatment apply TC Yellow Zinc Chromate Primer or Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer or Red Oxide Zinc Chromate primer or Air drying cum Stoving primer sufacer. By proper sanding get the total DFT of primer coat around 30-35 microns. If necessary after putty filling do a  second primer coat. Reduce the DFT of first primer coat by proper sanding.
Finishing - Apply the two coats Tuff Coat Stoving Enamel wet on wet by spraying. Recommended application viscosity is 22-26 Sec. Allow 10 minutes flash off. Then bake the painted material at 120o C for 30 minutes. Main advantage of this paint that it is suitable for dipping system for dipping method application viscosity should be 30-35 Sec. Total DFT of the system recommended is 60-70 microns.
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