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Tuff Coat Polymers
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epoxy Zinc Rich Primer  

Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

Tuff coat Polymers Introduction :
TUFF COAT Epoxy Zinc rich primer is a two pack system enriched with metallic zinc to provide outstanding performance in highly corrosive environment. Metallic Zinc imparts Cathodic protection to the base metal and Epoxide groups react with polyamide / Amine adduct hardener to form tough, non convertible film at ambient temp.It resists photo degradation by UV light as it contains UV absorber.
The range of Application :
Suitable for application as a priming coat on structural steel, pipelines, tank exteriors of refineries, power generation plants, mining facilities bulk handling equipment and fertilizer industries etc. This can be TOP-COATED with Epoxy Paints ; Polyurethane paints chlorinated rubber paints for specific applications. 
Tuff coat Polymers Key Properties :
1. Provides excellent adhesion on blast cleaned steel work.
2. Withstands 120o C dry heat
3. Builds high DFT in single coat
4. Excellent corrosion resistance
5. With suitable TOP-COAT it resists most salts & alkalis
6. Good Acid & alcohol resistance (Direct immersion is not advisable )
7. Resists splash , spillage, immersion of aromatic hydrocarbon & solvents
8.Good abrasion resistance
Tuff coat Polymers Application :
Remove oil, grease and other contaminants using proper degreasing agent. For severe corrosive conditions blast clean the surface. Special care must be taken on weld areas to remove flux & spatter. The cleaned surface should be coated before it gets contaminated or applies wash primer before subsequent coat of zinc rich primer. Stir base thoroughly then mix three parts base and one part hardener by volume to uniform consistency. Allow the mixture to mature for 20-30 min. and stir again before application & occasionally during use to prevent setting of metallic zinc. For Brush Roller,Airless spray application, no thinning is required. In conventional spraying, 5 % to 10 % thinning is recommended for ease of application.
Note :
1) Use the mixed paint within specified pot life period
2) Do not apply at temperatures below 10o C or at high relative humidity, above 90 % or during rain, fog or mist.
3) Brushes & spray equipment should be cleaned with Thinner EP-102 otherwise equipment is liable to be damaged.
4) TUFF COAT EPOXY ZINC RICH priming is also known as "COLD GALVANIZING"
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