Polyurethane Paints, LCF Wash Primers, Manufacturer, Pune, India
Epoxy Paints, Enamels, Stoving Enamels, Etch Primer With Hardener, Peelable Clear Lacquers, Texture Paint, Structure Finish Paint, Epoxy Stoving Paints, Epoxy ZMC Rich Primers, Acrofast Primer Surfacer Zinc Phosphate, LCF Wash Primers, Epoxy Surfacer, Intermediate Coat Zinc Phosphate ZNP, Lead And Chrome Free Paints / Primers / Thinners
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Polyurethane Paints, LCF Wash Primers, Epoxy Surfacers, Epoxy Intermediate, Coat ZNP, Epoxy Floor Coating, Manufacturer, Pune, India

industrial paints  
Company Profile
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Quality Industrial Paint Manufacturer. The company 'TUFF COAT POLYMERS PVT. LTD.' The present Directors who have started the company in 1992 are Mr. Shirish D. Ponkshe and Mr. Prasad D. Purandare, both are Paint Technologist and having sound working experience in major departments of organizations.
Our Manufacturing product range is as follows :
All type of Synthetic Enamels and Primers
Wash (Etch) primer
All type of Quick drying paints and primers
Polychromatic & Metallic finishers
Epoxy paints and primers
All type of Thinners
Polyurethane paints and primers.
Chlorinated Rubber paints
PU / Epoxy Floor Coatings
Stoving Enamels
All type of High performance Anti Corrosion Coatings
Coal Tar Epoxy Paints
All types of Air drying & Stoving Varnishes.
Hammer tone Paints
We have following Machinery to manufacture above Range :-
2 Nos.each of having 150 liters Volume capacity which gives 300 Liters of paint within 4hrs.
High-speed stirrer
1 no.
Lab type sand mill 
1 no. for development
Continuous type sand mill
1 no. having 1 Ltr.of paint per minute production capacity.
Resin Kettle
300 liters capacity presently not installed
Since our major customers are in ISO 9000. We are having strict Quality control measures. To support production and Q.A.Dept.We are having full fledge laboratory with two Quality control chemists who takes the responsibility of quality control with the help of following instruments.
We are having our well-equipped Laboratory with all testing facilities for finish paint & raw materials. We can also give the test certificate for our products
Tuff coat Polymers List of equipment for Testing facilities of finish goods
Hegman Gauge  
To checking the grinding & dispersions level of paint (3 nos.)
Ford Cup B4 
To checking the viscosity of paints( 4 nos.)
Gloss meter 
To check the gloss of different finishes viz. Glossy -S/G-Matt
Impact Tester 
To check the impact test of the paints
Mandrel 1/4 & 1/8inch
To check the flexibility of paints
Cross Hatch Tester
To check the cross cut Adhesives of paint
Checker boards 
To check the hinding power of the paints
Electrical oven 
To check solid content of paints
Bar Coaters 
To apply equal film thickness of paints
Dry film thickness gauge
Various instruments 
To check density of paint & other raw materials
Automatic Scratch Hardness Machine
To check the hardness of the paint
Salt spray corrosion cabinet with temperature controller & compressor for testing the corrosion property of the coatings.
Compressor with gun & booth for spraying the finish paints.
Tuff coat Polymers List of equipment for R & D and Testing of Raw materials required for Paint.
All type of laboratory glass ware to check acid value, amine value, iodine value, free formaldehyde content etc.
Electrical & manual balances
Laboratory ovens
Various types of Heating mantel & hot plates
Hot Water bath
Melting point apparatus.
Incubator for temperature up to 1200 D.C
Variable speed stirrer
Hydrometer for checking the density of solvents.
Boiling range apparatus.
Q. A. methods practiced : We believe, that to sustain in the today's competions we must stick to quality & services, for that we are strictly conducting quality control test for raw material and finish paint. After receipt of raw material, checking it for the weight, the sample is drawn & given to Q.C.lab along with GRR containing all dispatch details.

After conducting necessary test the report is given to production dept. with the advice, whether to use the raw material or not. All the records of testing of each raw material is maintained and kept for one year. Our finish paint Quality control starts during the production.

All the raw materials are weighed as per production sheet in front of responsible shift supervisor and remarks of  additional are marked on productions sheet in front of responsible shift supervisor and remarks of additions are marked on production sheet. During the process interim checking of level of grinding and consistency are checked. After the required grinding stage the material is discharged from the machine & necessary additions are made. After the shade matching, all physical properties like viscosity, drying, shade etc. are checked in factory, if they found ok the sample from the batch is given to Q.C.lab for further testing of all Physical & chemical properties. After satisfactory results, the Q.C.report is handed over to the responsible person for remarks and packing instruction. If the results are not satisfactory, the report of testing along with the remarks is sent to production for necessary action. After the necessary addition as per instruction the sample is again given to Q.C. lab for approval. After the approval of Q.C. lab, the material, is packed as per the instructions and the counter sample is kept with Q.C. lab for minimum 6 months. After the receipt of raw material all the operations till finish paints carried out in our factory premises only. We are not depending on any other source for all our production activities.
An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company
ISO Certificate
ISO Certificate
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